Marine Aquarium Society of Ventura County

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April 2018


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Our Mission Statement

The Marine Aquarium Society of Ventura County (MASVC)
is a non-profit organization run by local reef hobbyist and enthusiasts who are
dedicated to the support of reef keeping in the Ventura County area. Our goal is to advance
the responsibility and education of marine hobbyists by promoting the conservation of coral
reefs by encouraging captive breeding and propagation of marine fishes and invertebrates. We
impress the importance of good husbandry of the marine aquarium system in order to reduce
the demand for wild caught specimens. We strive to educate hobbyists regarding the
importance of the marine ecosystem. Our membership is diverse from those who are still new
to the hobby to the renowned experts, and all levels in between. The atmosphere at our
meetings is friendly, and we welcome new members of all levels. Marine Aquarium Society of
Ventura County also provides a medium for sharing ideas, help and support on an informal
basis through regular meetings, a website forum, and other organized activities.

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