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    Post by dwolson2 on Fri Oct 28, 2011 10:33 pm

    Just a friendly tip, that I just found out. Although I read on another site that you only need to flush your RO membrane for 30 seconds when you use it, that doesn't work. My RO/DI runs at 3 TDS on a day to day basis, I tried the 30 sec thing(normally I do it 5-10 min ever 2 weeks)and my TDS creeped to 14(after running it for over 10 min, when the TDS meter is accurate)! Of course since my DI is nearing its end, it only took out 13 TDS(leaving 1 TDS) instead of the normal 0 that comes out of it.

    So If you have an RO/DI and you are getting higher numbers, try flushing your membrane. It has kept my TDS at 3 for the last 6 months( a few times I saw it creep up to 6/7, but flushed it and it went back down.)

    Oh and when I saw it jump to 14, I jumped online and bought a new set of now that its back down to 3, I am going to see if I can stretch it out just a little longer..

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