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March 2018


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    Navy tests algae fuel in former warship

    Crusty Old Shellback
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    Navy tests algae fuel in former warship

    Post by Crusty Old Shellback on Thu Nov 17, 2011 1:18 pm

    If the retired destroyer Paul F. Foster arrives in Ventura County Thursday without breaking down or catching fire, the Navy will be one ship closer to its “great green fleet.”

    The Navy launched its largest test of algae as a ship fuel Wednesday at a San Diego Bay pier.

    The Foster has a gas-turbine engine similar to those in destroyers and cruisers around the U.S. fleet. If the 50-50 blend of algae fuel and regular marine diesel performs well, the Navy will feel confident that it can be used in actual warships.

    Once again the ship I work on has made the news. I didn't sail on this trip though as it was just to get fuel and the media circuis in San Diego was not something I looked forward to dealing with. So my Boss went instead.

    The big down side. Regular DFM cost about 4 bucks a gallon. This bio fuel is 80 bucks a gallon. They need to really work on that part.

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