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    DIY Aiptasia and GSP Killer/Controller. Killer-Snot


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    DIY Aiptasia and GSP Killer/Controller. Killer-Snot

    Post by ericpkeith on Wed Apr 23, 2014 11:45 am

    I'm a big consumer of information so now and then I like to contribute back. So I have a secret recipe for killing aiptasia and GSP. Just kidding, it's no secret but just a variation of a popular recipe you can find on many forums.

    Since reefers like funny names, I'll call it Killer-Snot (I'm not good at naming things)

    Killer-Snot Recipe (large batch that can be stored infinitely):
    4 ounces of DI water
    4 tablespoons of Calcium Hydroxide (Kalkwasser)
    4 teaspoons of acetic acid (vinegar) (pulls down pH a little and creates calcium acetate, which I find necessary for proper binding)
    Mix thoroughly for one minute.

    The goal is to have a milky paste that is caustic. You may want to use a pH meter or test strip to test how caustic the solution is; I usually aim for a pH of at least 10. I use the vinegar to pull down the pH (if needed) and the resulting calcium acetate helps keep the solution coagulated, which is necessary for stickiness/tackiness. In other words, it should be fairly "snotty" or paste-like when it is used with a syringe. Some experimenting may be necessary to get it right. My recipe is a good start for proportions. Not all Kalkwasser is the its hard to speak in finite terms.  

    Before applying to aiptasia or nuisance GSP, Microwave until boiling. I find that boiling it right before application greatly increases effectiveness on larger aiptasia.
    Turn off circulation pumps
    Use a syringe to apply while still hot; I use an old one that came with the brand AiptasiaX. You really need a syringe with a large needle as this stuff clogs very easily. Anyway, if mixed correctly, it will ooze out and stick to virtually anything you want.

    For Killing Aiptasia:
    Fill aiptasia mouth with large amount of paste/snott. The weight of it should cause the aiptasia to fall over. When it does bury it with more snot.
    Wait at least 10-15 minutes before turning on pumps.
    Reapply the next day if necessary but the first time should do the job.  

    For killing unwanted/nuisance GSP:
    While the GSP is fully extended, rain down Killer-Snot generally on top. Literally blanket the section you want dead. Repeat this over every day until the GSP starts to die off (discolors and dissolves away after a few days). By the way, the snotted GSP won't extend so you have to carefully blanket it's remains. Turn off your circulation pumps so the snot doesn't shed off. Lastly, your GSP colony will NOT be happy and may not extend at all for a couple days after treatment. I kill mine back all the time and it recovers without issue.

    Note 0: Killer-Snot should be stored with a lid in a dark place. Keep in a microwavable safe container and try not to melt your container by getting a bit too careless on the boiling. Also, take the lid off first unless you want to blow the top off your container and make a big mess.  
    Note 1: Don't forget to clean your syringe after each use. The Killer-Snot will eat any rubber parts, not to mention clog up if it get's a chance to dry out.
    Note 2: Be conservative with Killer-Snot and monitor your tank pH and Alk before and after treatment. You can alter you chemistry and really annoy the corals you want to keep
    Note 3: Do water changes shortly after treatment to deal with die-off. I notice my skimmer gets really active from the increase in nutrients from the resulting die-off.


    SoCal Corals

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    Re: DIY Aiptasia and GSP Killer/Controller. Killer-Snot

    Post by SoCal Corals on Wed Apr 23, 2014 9:21 pm

    awesome write up and tip! thanks

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    Re: DIY Aiptasia and GSP Killer/Controller. Killer-Snot

    Post by ericpkeith on Thu Apr 24, 2014 12:36 pm

    Thanks! It also works well for killing Monti eating Nudis but I find only controls the population as it's really treatment, not eradication.

    By the way, the Joe the Coral I bought from you is awesome. It has shades of blue, turquoise, emerald green, and some purple. Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if ORA or Steve Tyree got a morphed version of it and sold it for a $100 per frag (maybe already happening). It's a very underrated coral.

    Also, the Halloween Milli is stunning too. It actually shines even against my ORA Red Planet and Aquarium City Red Milli (rumor has it these are the same coral anyway...Aquarium City importing if first)

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    Re: DIY Aiptasia and GSP Killer/Controller. Killer-Snot

    Post by m9dale06 on Fri Apr 25, 2014 12:18 pm

    thanks... for the tips i will try this i got some of my refugium.


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    Re: DIY Aiptasia and GSP Killer/Controller. Killer-Snot

    Post by Saybng on Sat Apr 26, 2014 9:51 am

    That's a cool write up..but I just used 2 peppermint shrimps and within 3 aptasia.

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    Re: DIY Aiptasia and GSP Killer/Controller. Killer-Snot

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